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Portable Diode Laser Removal Machine

About the Portable Diode Laser Removal Machine

SDL-H desktop semiconductor laser hair removal machine is the company's 808nm semiconductor laser hair removal system based on the development trend of laser hair removal market;

Using its unique wavelength of 808nm laser, penetrating the epidermis to the hair follicles, according to the principle of selective photothermal, the energy of the laser is preferentially absorbed

by the melanin in the hair, destroying the hair follicles, and then the hair loses its ability to regenerate; The system's unique sapphire contact refrigeration technology effectively cools and protects 

the skin for painless, fast and permanent hair removal.


1. Hair removal completely and permanently . Pain freee , safe , fast , effective.

2. Applicable to any hair color 

3. Applicable to all skin types 

4. 10 laser bars Made in Germany

5. Water pump made in Germany

6. 50 million shots

7. Very convenient to move

 Technical Paramete

Laser Source Diode Stack 
Laser Wavelenth 808nm / 808nm 1064nm 755nm (optional)
Laser Class Class 4
Pulse Width 5-400ms 
Frequency 1-10hz 
Laser spot size 12mm*12mm 
Energy Density 0-100mj/cm2 
Cooling system Air cooling ,water cooling , semi-conductor cooling 
input power 1300VA
Power source 110V/220VAC, 50-60Hz
Dimensions (Length Width Height)455mm×345mm×315mm
Net weight26 Kg

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