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Cryolipolysis Fat Freezing Machine, Cryolipolysis Slimming Machine, Body Shaping Machine, FatFreezing Machine, Crylipolysis Machine, Body Slimming Machine. About Coolplas Fat Freezing Machine SCV- 102 Coolplas fat freezing machine is a new body slimming system developed considering the marketdemands. Relying on the fat freezing technique, this cryolipolysis machine transmits cooling to the targeted fat through a non-invasive energy extraction device. The exposure to cooling causes cell death of the adipose tissuewithout damage tothe overlyingskin. Then the dead adipocyte will be excreted out of the human body with the metabol ism process.

The whole treatment is comfortable, safe and painless, with the recovery period unnecessary. Our cryolipolysismachine adopts an embedded centralized control system. The 10.4-inch LCD touch screen is set so that itmakes the operation rather convenient and user-friendly. With 3 treatment handles of different sizes, it ispossible for the fat freezing machine to treat different body parts. Operators can make any 2 of the handleswork together.

Principle of Treatment
Taking the fat cooling and freezing technique as its principle, the cryolipolysis fat freezing machine uses a non-invasive extraction device to cause a localized reduction of fat deposits, which is not resistant to cold and willconvert into solid under a certain low temperature. Then the adipocyte will die itself and be excreted out of thebody without an apparent damage to other tissues.
Essentially,Coolplas fat freezing machine is a skin cooling or heating device mainly used for decomposing the fatdeposit in upper arm, back, abdomen, and waist. It aims at shaping the abdominal profile.Besides freezing fat, the cooling design can also reduce pain, ease the thermal damage caused from laser,and contribute to local anesthesia.
Other applications of cryolipolysis body slimming machine is to relief the pain after surgery or trauma with localheat therapy. And to ease mild pain and muscle spasm. The optional massage function is set to relief muscle pain, body pain, and spasm temporarily, or to improve local microcirculation, and reduce the formation of cellulite.

1.Sinoheren cryolipolysis equipment is of developed in-house patented machine appearance,with Coolplasbeing its trademark.
2.Personalized user interface; multi language selection.
3.The various handles with different shapes and sizes make it suitable for different groups.

4.A lot of time is saved by letting 2 of the handles work simultaneously.
5.The imported components have effectively ensure the quality of our equipment.
6.The riskwarning popupensuresthetemperatr isalways keptwithin theappropriate range.

7.Thecryolipolysismachineispresetwith recommended parametersforselection8.Non-invasive nonsurgical body slimming treatment.

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