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About the Cavitation 

The Cavitation system uses the secure and non-invasive fat-blasting acts on the adipose tissue.

It breaks the limitation of traditional liposuction treatment .Moreover , the cavitation is a safe and 

efficiente treatment without pain or leaving surgery scar.


1.Accumulated fat deposits and cellulite reduction.

2.Weight loss and shaping.

3.Skin lifting and firming, face lift, eye lift.

4.Skin Care,Skin tightening and reduce deeper wrinkles.


1.Combined Ultrasonic Cavitation, Singlepolar, Bipolar and Tripolar RF, and Vacuum technology realized multi-functions in one machine,           

fat reduction, skin tightening, face lift, eye lift, meeting most demands of women. 

2.Portable design with strong engine for up to 12 working hours per day

3.Adopted modular design and compact structure ensures the user easy to install and maintain.

4. Multi-languages for cost saving of software change.

5.User friendly and technical software for both end users and professionals. 

6. Non-invasive treatment-compared with the traditional liposuction, this technology is safe, painless and effective.

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