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About the Neo-FACE Mashine 

The technical principle is high temperature thermal energy fractional micro-gasification technology. 

The high temperature heat energy is introduced into the skin at a speed of 0.01s through the therapeutic 

head array made of high temperature antioxidant medical alloy. The moisture of the skin at the contact point 

is quickly vaporized, the heat damage zone is formed, and the repair procedure of the skin is initiated to promote collagen regeneration.


Skin Renewal: facial rejuvenation, fishtail lines, cervical stripe or wrinkles around the mouth, etc. 

Skin rejuvenation: pore refining, skin tightening.

Scar removal: traumatic scar and acne scar.

Postpartum repair: striae gravidarum.

Promotion Features 

1. Non-invasive

2. Mini - traumatic, no bleeding

3. Mild pain

4. Small scabs 

5. The probability of pigmentation is very small

6. It can be used for various skin types

7. No special care

8. Short recovery period(2 days)

9. Portable

10. No radiation interference

11. Operation is handy

12. Precision industrial control instrument

13. Full heat resistant material for handpiece

Therapeutic Cone Head

 This system adopts array-type high-temperature anti-oxidation medical alloy cone head, which is safe and durable.

 As shown below:   


Technical parameters

Heating mode         hot resistance mode
The size of therapeutic head10*10mm² 
Array of Cone head  9*9 
Therapeutic temperature 385-405℃ 
Cleaning temperature 0-100℃ 
Demonstration temperature 0-80℃ 
Depth 100-1000um 
Time Single5-18ms
Cooling modeInverse air cooling
Power supply  200-240VAC 
Net Weight  5kg

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